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The Farm in July 2022

Well, the hay is finally made and in the barn and the spring barley and oats are nearly ready to harvest.

It has been a challenging year so far for all of us and we only managed one cut of hay so far and all my lovely flowers grown on the farm have all flowered early and are more or less over.

Both the arable crops, spring barley and spring oats, will soon be ready for harvest although we are expecting a lighter crop as there has been a lack of rain to fill the grain out.

These pictures were taken a month ago when things were beginning to form.

We have two new bulls this year, one for the White Park and one for the Traditional Herefords. These went out with their cows two weeks ago once we had divided the herd.

This year will see the start of a big expansion of our Traditional Hereford cattle as we want to get the cows up to 100.

Our orchard is coming along, we planted a hedge which is surviving despite the weather and our older apple trees are beginning to fruit. It will be a few years before we can make our own cider but I hope to help the trees by putting some bees in the orchard.

It is almost time for our annual Organic and Red Tractor inspections. Organic farms are looked at for their production methods and we have strict standards to adhere to. We use renewable methods of farming with the emphasis on conservation of soil and water. We aim to preserve the natural fertility of the land and not damage it.

Our livestock is pasture fed and are finished on grass alone. Grass fed beef in particular is high in nutrients and contain a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Our plan in September is to start producing boxes of our beef and lamb so keep an eye on our website and social media for more information.

Lastly to the holiday let. It has been a great year for our holiday let with continuous bookings and we've met some lovely people. Find us on Airbnb or contact us directly. The cottage has its own website;

take a look...

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