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Happy New Year

Welcome back, we hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and that this is the year when things start to improve for all of us.

Our pregnant ewes are all together and being fed outside now. They will come inside in the middle of March prior to lambing in April. So far the weather has been kind to them and they are all very happy, although we could have a little less rain on their backs.

The rams are back together in their own field and we are slowly finishing last year's lambs so that we can begin a boxed lamb scheme this year. Our beef, lamb and mutton are organic and Red Tractor standard. We are inspected annually and also carry the Pasture for Life logo providing traceability and wonderful locally produced meat.

The cattle are out on Salisbury Plain and have grown their cosy winter coats. They are pushed back onto their winter grazing area which has plenty of shelter from any bad weather. The White Park bull is inside now and we are now looking for a new Traditional Hereford bull for next year.

We are now ready for the winter with plenty of organic hay ready to feed and having passed the shortest day we look forward to a little more daylight in the days ahead.

This year's projects include selling more produce directly from the farm gate. We will have seasonal meat as well as honey and other produce. We are already selling sea salt from Dorset and locally produced rape seed oil from a producer here on Salisbury Plain -

We have a wedding to produce flowers for this year and planning for that is already underway.

Lots to do this year and the planning is mostly done so now we just have to get on with the work!

Happy New Year to all...

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