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Winter is here...

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Well, the snow has arrived and put a stop to the building of the holiday let. However, at the end of last week the scaffolders arrived and erected the scaffolding.

We now have the drainage in place and the scaffolding up so that Gaiger Brothers can start the build when the weather improves. We are using the original bricks, cleaning them all off to use again in the rebuilding of the old dairy building. Just as soon as we start again we'll be giving more updates.

Meanwhile the snow means a lot of work feeding our stock. The sheep are now altogether at Home Farm where they will stay until lambing begins. They have been having hay and a little concentrate to help their energy levels. This morning, however, they needed a lot more hay and we spent some time making sure they were OK.

We're not lambing until the end of March this year when the weather will hopefully be kinder for the lambs and the new spring grass may have begun to grow.

Meanwhile, Mike, the cattle stockman has spent the morning taking hay out to the cattle on Salisbury Plain. We have over 200 cattle on our farm and at the moment they need help. We have native breeds on the farm; White Park, Aberdeen Angus and Traditional Herefords. All three breeds grow winter coats and are well able to endure the winter outside but at times like these we need to feed forage.

It's lunchtime and all the animals are happy and fed so now it's back home for lunch, light the fire and perhaps I'll find time to work on the website.

The next blog will concern National Nest Box week starting on 14th February. We've made a Kestrel box and Tawny Owl box and we'll be hanging them soon. Watch this space!

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